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SCENE POP is an experiment in improv coaching with John Breen taped before a live studio audience. Featuring improvisers Dylan Reiff and Aaron Keuter.


SCENE POP shoot at Open Signal Media. Photo by DAN HERRICK

This page houses SCENE POP which is the name of a blog and a show about long-form comedy improvisation.


John Breen's foray into improv training included Keith Johnstone in Calgary, Mick Napier at Annoyance Theatre in Chicago, Brody Theater and Comedysportz Portland.


He then moved to New York City, where he studied filmmaking, acting, and improv. He trained at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre with Amy Poehler, Matt Walsh, Armando Diaz, Kevin Mulaney.


At the UCB Theatre, John was on several Harold teams,  including the house team, Pound. He also worked with renowned theater and film director Shira Piven (Welcome to Me). 


Breen has performed and taught at countless improv and sketch comedy festivals around the country. Currently, he performs in Portland with his critically acclaimed troupe, The Liberators, as well as Bang + Burn, J-Names and Cartagena


When in Los Angeles, he performs in Soundtrack at UCB-Franklin and has guest appeared with Dasiriski and Quartet at I.O. West. 

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